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About Us
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Dear customer visits: 

Hello. Welcome to our website, we always uphold the "Xinqunli - To add power " for the sofa production purpose, good customer service, and customers were breathing with the growth, mutual help, Xiangxie development.
Xinqunli company founded in Shenzhen in 1995 January, with the rapid development of the furniture industry and the growth of China. The time flow, time travel, imperceptibly new Qunli company has gone through twenty years.
Reviewing the development of  Xinqunli, we feel great:
Yesterday,  Xinqunli founder to size up the situation, the establishment of research the development direction of the company, specializing in the production of wire sofa production equipment manufacturing, using advanced and applicable technologies to upgrade traditional industry sofa manufacturing level and process level, machinery instead of manual operation, fill the blank of the sofa sofa manufacturing equipment, manufacturing of enlightenment and cultivation production mechanization the company, clearly put forward the marketing strategy: Sofa production mechanization, starting from  Xinqunli.
Today,  Xinqunli realized yesterday planning blueprint, established our leading position in the sofa in the machinery manufacturing industry, our equipment has many well-known domestic furniture manufacturing enterprises preferred, and exported to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia countries. Our products from a single extended to complete production line, become soft furniture equipment industry brands.
In the future, we will cooperate with the country's industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading strategy, committed to the research and development of low carbon, environmental protection, intelligent complete software furniture production equipment, make positive contribution to the upgrading of industry and technology China furniture industry progress.
We warmly welcome customers to visit the company, customers are welcome to put forward relevant comments and suggestions on our products and services, so that we can provide better service for you.
Chairman Shenzhen xinqinli Machinery Co., Ltd. with all the staff waiting!